Child of the Giant Corn

Corn, tomatoes and cucumbers give all Ohioans a reason to live through the muggy muck of August. And it took Declan no time at all to learn to love the food of his ancestors (his great grandfather and great-great Uncle were once the Grand Marshalls of the Millersport Sweet Corn Festival).

He went absolutely wild at the Field of Corn in Dublin the other day, surveying the giant kernels up close, and running, running, running through the rows of ears.

Imagine this from the perspective of a 3-foot-tall person.

Ohio State has an extensive site about corn, including a monthly podcast about conditions for growing corn.

That other state that begins and ends with a vowel and is also known for corn has its own Corn Cam.

Life soundtrack: Earl Scruggs & Lester Flatt, Foggy Mountain Jamboree, “Shuckin’ the Corn”
Earl Scruggs & Lester Flatt - Foggy Mountain Jamboree - Shuckin' the Corn

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2 thoughts on “Child of the Giant Corn”

  1. I’m originally from Illinois. When I first moved to the south my friend and I (she was also from Illinois) would got to the grocery story, see the corn and say sarcastic things like, “shame about your corn crop, earl!” because it was so SMALL compared to what we were used to in the midwest.

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