Forget your blues

Dan played blues riffs on his guitar in the living room this morning, vamping lyrics about Barry Bonds. Declan started dancing on arrival.

He does a lot of dancing these days. A couple of weeks ago, he romped with lots of wet toddlers and their drenched stuffed animals at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s “Teddy Bear Picnic.” The evening ended with a puddle-splashing riot, led entirely by people too small to ride on roller coasters.

This past weekend, he put his whole heart into a jig at the Dublin Irish Festival, which had organized a massive (10,000+ person), 3-minute jig to try and take back the world record for dancing without arms from Dublin, Ireland. I have no idea if they made it, but Dec did more than his part.

Mostly, we just have to play music around the house to get him started. His tastes are already becoming as eclectic as ours, and perhaps veering into territory even we are unaware of. He’ll throw down for rock, spin for classical, bounce for pop, wiggle for reggae, or sway his head from side to side for blues and jazz, like he did this morning.

“Gimme some skins,” Dan said to Dec, who obliged with a high-five. “Let’s play the blues.”

“No. Let’s play the reds,” Declan answered.

Life soundtrack: Billie Holliday, The Incomparable, Volume One, “I’m Painting the Town Red”
Billie Holiday - The Incomparable Volume 1 - I'm Painting the Town Red

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