Halloween costume, phase two

I kept breaking needles, and I may go get some fusing tape to secure it, but here is the cape for the Universe costume. Declan picked the fabric, which I roughly sewed to a cheapo vampire cape, then added spacey sponge stamps to the collar.

We also have some shimmery purple-green stuff that he keeps throwing over his head and calling the “fabric of space-time,” but I’m not sure what we’re going to do with it.

Phase one has since been embellished with boy-directed-mom-painted planets and pinwheels on the back, as well as stamps up and down each arm. Giga has located sparkly hair and makeup stuff, and I may make a string of glow in the dark stars for a necklace.

We’re closing in on the complete look…!

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3 thoughts on “Halloween costume, phase two”

  1. Lovely costume. You are much better organised than I am – our Halloween prep has not started yet. To be honest, I’m putting it off – all that sewing, dangerous pumpkin carving and witch impersonations (actually, I find that bit the easiest!) don’t half take it out of you.
    I arrived here via Planet cre8buzz – tried leaving a comment there too – but to no avail.
    Mya x

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