Outré d’ouevres

We had spaghetti and meteor-balls for dinner.
Declan also ate a bag of crunchy frotons that came with the salad.

Rather than sneak all kinds of food to the dog as many toddlers do, he gets completely unsettled if the dog comes anywhere near him while he’s eating.

Tonight, he dismissed the pooch with a firm “Buzz OUT, Arrow!”

Afterwards, we all retired to the family crash pad to watch a movie. One of the newer Star Wars films was on cable when we turned the television on. Declan fixated on an asteroid-dodging sequence for about 45 seconds then dashed all the way across the room and pressed his face against the wall.

“Violence!” he yelled. “VIOLENCE!”
“I’m scared of the television,” he told me.

The only other thing he’s ever been that scared of is the dinosaur puppet that says “Bwah!” on Baby Mozart.

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2 thoughts on “Outré d’ouevres”

  1. Spaghetti and meteor balls- there has to be some way to make that a commercial success- Call Chef Boy R Dee- Does that product line still exist- showing my age perhaps but then I am a GiGa

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