A really big dream

I went to bed chilled with a fever last night. I took a little Tylenol, drank a lot of juice (I don’t do cold medicine) and crawled under a heap of blankets.

Then I dreamed that I became a cosmic string. I extended from the earth. I saw Heath Ledger on the way. I heard Eric Idle singing The Galaxy Song. I grew longer than the solar system, the Milky Way, past Andromeda and other galaxies. I became the length of the entire universe.

And as all of this was happening, I was thoroughly convinced that I was getting very important information that I had to bring back to share with Earth’s astrophysicists. The things I saw were going to change the world. I can’t remember the last time I had a dream that vivid, or was so thoroughly hoodwinked that everything about it was real.

I certainly never dreamed on this scale before. Thank you again, my son, for making me aware of how much of the universe I had been missing.

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7 thoughts on “A really big dream”

  1. ooh, I’m feeling a little under the weather. here’s hoping I might dream a complete blogpost tonite b/c I’m blocked!

    lovely post. and thank you for the KIND comment on my blog. I’m very grateful

    hope you’re feeling better!!

  2. I went to bed with a fever last night too (must be going around Columbus, eh?), but I didn’t have any good dreams! No fair! The best I got was my nine year old waking me up and telling me she didn’t feel well!

  3. wow … a dream with a soundtrack and everything! almost sounds like an advil PM kind of dream … or jodi foster in contact. what a wonderful dream. 🙂

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