Making tree forts out of high wind destruction

So, this was supposed to be our first big week of preschool.

But the back end of Ike sneaked up on Ohio and smacked us with 50-70 MPH winds for several hours on Sunday evening, tearing down trees and fences and power lines, leaving about half the city and much of the state, still today, without power — our first Midwestern hurricane.

Schools are closed, traffic lights off, grocery stores stocked with few or no perishable items and both the city and state are in a declared state of emergency. Lots of my friends on the north side of town have been told that they won’t have power until the weekend. For reasons I can’t fathom, our power was restored after one peaceful night, but our town is, for most intents and purposes, shut down.

Thank goodness for 10-year-old aspiring architect neighbor girls.
Our block didn’t have any major tree-falling incidents, but the storm left a massive debris field of branches scattered across every yard. Our ten-year-old neighbor, banished from school, decided to use the remnants of destruction to fashion an elaborate tree fort in her front yard, and she sweetly let Declan help, and repeatedly indulged his desire to be tickled and scared.
From the side, you can see that they wisely constructed a railing up the hill on the way in.
The roots of the tree, I was told, are the steps to this entryway.As I was taking pictures, she turned this sign from “keep out” to “come in.”
The inside room is cozy with its Hello Kitty blanket, and a mirror hung on the bark.

Sometimes the sheer awesomeness of kids makes me cry.

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6 thoughts on “Making tree forts out of high wind destruction”

  1. That is awesome. Only kids could turn a disaster into something fun.

    The southwest side of the city somehow didn’t have much damage. We’ve had power, thankfully.

    I’m glad you didn’t have to wait long to get your power back.

  2. Christina – wow – great that you escaped the wrath. Things are so weird around town!

    jen – But there’s so much you clearly must remember – being on the verge of making your own tree fort and all.

  3. Since I had to leave (on an endless search to accumulate food- three grocery stores and a farm market later I had at least some some fresh vegetables and dog food)- I am happy to see the hide away was so luxuriously completed- What fun to live in a friendly neighborhood- Giga

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