7 thoughts on “Stolen”

  1. Ours has been up for two weeks. The neighborhood is split almost down the middle, maybe going to Obama by a hair – just like the rest of Franklin County.

    I’m having a hard time not wanting to finger a particular neighbor a block over. It often has a gas-guzzling truck parked in front of it that bears a homemade “Drill here, drill now, blame Democrats” sign.

  2. last election, someone kept putting a bunch of republican signs on the field next to our property. i angrily took them down over and over again, over a period of weeks.

    then my husband told me our property actually ended 6 feet closer to the bldg than i had thought. oop.

    i wasn’t trying to hide, either – i angrily ripped them up and huffily stuffed them in the dumpster – lots of show.

  3. I can’t believe people would do that. What’s the point? I hope those who back McCain in Obama-friendly neighborhoods are being treated with more respect.

    I hope so.

  4. I thought I saw a McCain sign disappeared from the neighborhood not long ago, and that made me just as angry, if not moreso. I think ours was targeted because it was sitting right under a streetlight.

    Debbie – I am still trying to assimilate the idea that someone would drive onto a lawn. That’s completely nuts.

  5. We’re lucky that our sign hasn’t been stolen, and it’s been up for nearly three weeks.

    Someone put a McCain sign out in the front of our subdivision (common area). Aaron told me if it was still there in the evening he would stop and take it down. But by evening someone else had already taken it down.

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