Sappy post #1 for 2009

Declan has a friend – a little girl who he’s friends with largely because we are friends with her parents. She was born about three months after he was, and they played side-by-side before they played together. Now that he’s been able to make new friends of his own choosing, I’ve wondered how they’ll continue to get along.

We haven’t seen as much of their family in recent months, we’ve been busy, and they’ve been getting acclimated to life with a three-year-old and a new baby boy. But they came over on Sunday for a visit, and it was the first time Declan and his friend played mostly without supervision.

They were frantically making things up in the kitchen and periodically emerging to present odd toys and bits in bowls to us as “cupcakes.” At one point, Dec shrieked “MOMMY!” from the playroom and I ran to see what damage control I needed to do. The infraction was this:

“S___ made me some coffee and it’s TOO HOT!”

“Maybe you should blow on it to cool it down,” I offered.


He also got a little sad when she didn’t want to sit down and hold his hand and watch a documentary about the 95+ moons in our solar system. Then there was a brief skirmish over the toy vacuum cleaner, but the visit was mostly sweet and easy.

S__ currently has the “Why?” affliction in spades. I don’t think she responded to me once during the entire visit with anything other than that question, which I answered nearly every time, although I’m not sure she cared to hear the answer. Last night, Declan was telling his daddy about her visit.

“I told her I loved her,” he offered. Then, not surprisingly: “She asked me why.”

His answer?

“I told her it was because I love her heart.”

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5 thoughts on “Sappy post #1 for 2009”

  1. I know you know this but they are just amazing aren’t they? The way they can disarm us with a few simple words and a heart that knows where to place them.

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