About Tiny Mantras

Welcome to the personal blog of Tracy Zollinger Turner, one of Columbus, Ohio’s many maternal, Buddhist, she-hack armchair astronomers. Yes, I have written for many local publications. No, I don’t do that anymore. That is a different Tracy Turner (no joke). I mark everything I do for publication with a Z.

You can hire me. And you should. I have a lot of pens and a sharp eye for detail that may end up haunting you later. I’ve been through a lot of stuff in the past couple of years, but am pretty calm most of the time. Some clients keep me on retainer because I have “good energy” and can be a super-special friend. It’s also been proven that if I don’t make you cry at least two kinds of tears, you aren’t actually reading my words.*

I am happy that you are here.

You can email me: tzt(at)writearm(dot)com

* Props to Kate Djupe for helping me frame it thusly.

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