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Houston, we have a problem

I’ve only ever been there on my way to someplace else, but I’m watching my television, keeping my fingers crossed for millions in Texas in the face of this ogre of a hurricane.

At the front of my mind is the lovely writer and passionate Momocrat Julie Pippert, who fled the Galveston area with her family, and has a white-knuckle weekend ahead of her as they wait through the storm to find out the actual extent of the certain challenges they will have ahead of them. Also, The Bloggess, who is responsible for some of the only workouts my abs have gotten in recent weeks, because when I read her I actually do LMAO and LOL and sometimes ROTFL. (She also writes one half of Good Mom/Bad Mom for the Houston Chronicle.)

I’m praying for these women, their families and friends and all other individuals down there in the land of mission control.

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Where are the saints?

So, I wanted to write about things like the ways people inadvertently insult new parents, Declan’s first experience in a swimming pool and the beauty of news fasting this week, but I’ve been unable to pull myself from the news about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Not to mention thoroughly disgusted with the leadership of this country and the callousness of many of its citizens. If I hear one more person say that criticizing the elected leader of the country’s impotent response to this horrible disaster is nothing more than “hatred,” my head might explode….

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In a funk

Declan’s been having yet another little growth spurt this week, demanding food pretty much constantly. The bigger he gets, the harder it is to breastfeed while typing. At nearly 15 weeks, he’s almost doubled his birth weight. (And yes, this is one of those facts that’s really only meaningful to fellow moms and doctors.)

All things seemed strangely equal at mom and baby yoga yesterday. Whatever each woman’s political ideology, everyone was excited when one of the babies rolled over by himself for the first time during the class.

Afterwards, on my way to lunch, there was a car accident right in front of me. It happened while I was sitting at a stoplight. One car just slammed into the side of the other, but neither driver was hurt. What are cars made of these days? I was maybe 25 feet from the collision, and it barely made a sound.

And I can’t stop watching the coverage of New Orleans. When things didn’t seem quite so awful late Monday, I thought about how resilient the city seemed to be when I spent time there a few years ago, and how willing it’s always been to cope with dark times by embracing them. But this is just sickening and tragic – there are no words.

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