Which of these things is not like the other?

It’s surprisingly difficult to find space-themed toys for toddlers. (Last night, Declan slept with a plastic Pluto in his hand.)

So when I poked around in the toy section of a second-hand store last week, I was thrilled to find two sealed bags of space stuff, replete with astronauts, an alien, a satellite dish and a rover, all for about $3. It struck me as a little odd, however, that the construction worker from the Village People was also included.

Life soundtrack: The Village People, The Casablanca Records Story, “Macho Man”
Village People - The Casablanca Records Story - Macho Man

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5 thoughts on “Which of these things is not like the other?”

  1. cg – I should add a space tag to my archives – he actually started showing an interest in all of the planets, stars and space around 18 months. It’s just grown in scope and intensity, requiring us to learn a whole lot more about the cosmos than we previously knew.

    Mama z – I am beginning to wonder if International Space Station workers routinely wear no shirt and overalls…

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