Blinding me with science

Negotiations over things like bathtime and meals with my terrible two-year-old keep getting stranger and stranger. On some days, I must serve soy nuggets in flower formation with a pile of ketchup in the center to make food appetizing, or sing the same songs or read the same books 364 times in a row.

Today Declan wouldn’t put on a sweater before he had to go out into the cold with his father. He wanted to watch episode three of Elegant Universe for the second time. (My favorite thing he has said to me while watching this show – which I am still struggling to understand – is “Look, mom! It’s Ed Witten!”) Mind you, we do love Blue’s Clues, Elmo and prominent theoretical physicists around here.

I grabbed a kelly green thermal shirt and said “look, it’s a Brian Greene shirt.” That worked well. He wore it until bathtime tonight, when, after insisting that I draw Saturn in the water and spiral galaxies on the bath tile with pink foam soap several times over, he finally surrendered to the desire to get into the warm water and told me “I need to take my Brian Greene shirt off.”

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3 thoughts on “Blinding me with science”

  1. Hey, I think a prominent theoretical physicists is a sight more interesting than Elmo, don’t you? There’s no competition.

    You can draw Saturn? Oh, smart mommy. I get asked about odieobensatops and I glaze over and say huh?

  2. camikaos – I’d have to learn how to make a twice-baked potato first!

    Heather – I do agree! You have an aspiring marine biologist there, huh? I know the feeling, though. They say that genetically, it’ been proven that intelligence is passed down from the mother. I’m wondering if several of my brain cells have been napping.

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