Cheese for the snow

Declan and his dad went out on dog poop patrol this morning, since the snow has finally begun to melt away. He was rocking the cute in last summer’s hat, so I pulled out my camera to snap a few pictures.

“Cheese for the snow,” he said.

This week, he started snatching the camera from me, wanting to take his own pictures (like his first self-portrait). He was particularly assertive about his desire to do this today, so I let him document our deck for a few moments.

I may be speaking more as mommy here than art reviewer, but I think that his two-year-old sense of composition is pretty amazing:

If I get the digital SLR I’ve been dreaming of this year, maybe I’ll just give him my camera.

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4 thoughts on “Cheese for the snow”

  1. At age 3, Ben picked up our camera and started snapping. We got about a thousand pictures of his shoes, the fan whirring, and the occasional “my mom looks like a giant fat acorn from this angle” shot thrown in.

    Kids are hilarious.

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