Random thoughts for a weekend

It wasn’t that intense of a week, though it felt like it was. I’ve been working on some of my regular work, on finding some work and on a new blog.

I’ve also been feeling reflective about Arthur C. Clarke’s return to stardust as well as the advances we’re making when it comes to finding signs of life outside of our solar system. It makes you think we really meet intelligent E.T. within 20 years, as some astronomers predict, the same way U.S. women got the right to vote 14 years after the cause’s longest living champion died. If that’s so, we need Star Trek now more than ever. And Declan needs language classes.

I’ve also read a lot of great stuff online this week.

Today, Ask Moxie had an extremely helpful guest post about toddler discipline. Their seminars seem too pricey, but I’ve subscribed to the Proactive Parenting newsletter.

Lastly, if you’re gearing up for Easter’s sugar, here you can watch a bunch of strange videos that feature Peeps.

Have a happy weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts for a weekend”

  1. I agree with that guest-poster. I’ve always used time-outs as a chance for everyone to get their feelings under control, and also see if I can figure out what’s the real problem. I think that’s where the old school “go to your room” came from!

  2. My husband and folks like him have devoted their lives to finding signs of intelligent life elsewhere. He believes his job serves a high purpose, and it occupies him. Perhaps we are not intelligent enough to qualify here at the house on Lima Street. This is how life passes, while we are looking in the other direction.

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