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Jen over at one plus two listed seven windows of her soul and asked us for our own. It was just the distraction I needed this morning to clear some of my writing cobwebs, so I thought I’d share my answer here, and add a couple for good measure. Go visit her and share yours too.

1. The swing set, marshes, bulrushes and our little dock on a culde-sac that opened into an expanse of water – the view from my bedroom in my childhood home in Oceanport, New Jersey.

2. The view from the guest bedroom at my grandparents house. There was a gigantic hill we liked to roll ourselves sick down in summer, where neighborhood teenagers came to sled on winter weekend nights until my grandfather played Taps out the window on his trumpet to get them to leave.

3. The windows of the giant, obnoxiously purple bus that first took us up the Santorini cliffside. I mistook my nausea for anxiety about it tipping over, when it was mostly the early stages of morning sickness. (Not that a giant purple bus making hairpin turns on cliff sides didn’t turn more stomachs than my own…)

4. The lilting frame the locust tree leaves and branches make around a piece of sky on our back deck when we lie down on our built-in bench. And the small, second-story window where Declan often looks for the rising moon.

5. The view of Mount Norwottuck outside my campus apartment in Massachusetts – it made all of Hampshire’s ugly 1970s architecture go away. So did my enchanted pine forest there. There’s one so much like it in Yellow Springs, Ohio. All pine forests feel like rooms.

6. The door that opened up to a hammock, rocks, then the sea on Isla Mujeres on our honeymoon.

7. The windows of a beach house in Rhode Island we used to visit in the summertime after we moved to Ohio. Not because of what I could see, but what I could hear, and how very well I slept.

More people are taking part in this writing prompt, courtesy of Jessica at Oh, the Joys. Here is a list you can snag to put at the bottom of your post. If you join in, let me know and I’ll add you to the list:

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6 thoughts on “Windows of distraction”

  1. Very Nice, but, uh, shouldn’t you be writing about the urban high school right now? Come to think of it, shouldn’t I? See you soon.

  2. jen – it is amazing how far away the island feels from Cancun. Loved it there. And Tulum.

    Meg – I am so marinated in words about the urban high school at this point, I think I’ll vie to move our conference to an indoor garden. Or maybe I’ll wear flowers. See you there!

  3. I love this prompt and have been clicking around to read the others too. Such varied, great imagery here. I can very much relate to to your final window, and only wish I could go to such a place regularly!

    I’ve done this on my own blog, though I definitely feel rather inferior about it all.

  4. I needed inspiration today too. I’m afraid my windows are not quite as exotic as some, but it was great to think about the places that have made me feel at peace over the years.

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