Have your cake and be one too

Like a girl in a field being showered with apple cores (or maybe noodles… or slips of paper?) as they are cast from the gallows of a flying submarine, my birthday hit me with a barrage of little surprises. There were several unexpected emails and phone calls and messages, and a visit with a sweet and feisty two-day-old boy – so much like Dec was as a newborn – all of which made it really enjoyable. To be thought of is a fabulous gift. (I also got a non-birthday related award this week.)

The amazing drawing above, by this artist, was my most spectacular material item, bestowed by my mother. Behold! I also received a jazz voodoo potholder and a portrait of my family in cake:

Me, hogging the computer.

Declan, agog at the planets.

Dan, apparently wearing some kind of Mankini.

Better still, it was delicious.

Have a happy Independence Day. Hope to see some of you locals at Doo Dah.

P.S. Those battling mommyblogging factions I mentioned? They seem to have worked things out. Now there’s going to be some giant knitting circle and Magic Garden sing-along at BlogHer in celebration of unity. Huzzah!

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One thought on “Have your cake and be one too”

  1. tracy,
    i was glad to find your blog under journaling in that i love to write. also, my mom’s side of the family lives in columbus and i’m relocating there later this summer to do an internship at columbus museum of art. could you tell me a little about opportunities concerning your local newspapers? i was wondering if people have opinion pages and poetry sections, etc., as i have always wanted to investigate this? i received my mfa in fine arts, so that explains the museum, but i’m very interested in meeting new people. i just opened a facebook account if your interested. there’s an advertisement on there for a columbus artist group. i’ll be sure to check out more of your site. sincerely, tom

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