Houston, we have a problem

I’ve only ever been there on my way to someplace else, but I’m watching my television, keeping my fingers crossed for millions in Texas in the face of this ogre of a hurricane.

At the front of my mind is the lovely writer and passionate Momocrat Julie Pippert, who fled the Galveston area with her family, and has a white-knuckle weekend ahead of her as they wait through the storm to find out the actual extent of the certain challenges they will have ahead of them. Also, The Bloggess, who is responsible for some of the only workouts my abs have gotten in recent weeks, because when I read her I actually do LMAO and LOL and sometimes ROTFL. (She also writes one half of Good Mom/Bad Mom for the Houston Chronicle.)

I’m praying for these women, their families and friends and all other individuals down there in the land of mission control.

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