“The darkness doesn’t hurt anybody. It’s just a little bit famous.”

“I want to dance in Saturn’s rings.”

“Don’t forget to focus!”

“You are the dark side of the moon.”

“You are just a clock.”

“You are a scientific FACT.”

“Silly makes you a man.”

“I was born in the bulge.”

“I’m having a metamorphosis!”

“I am terrible of the dark.”

“I am just trying to get to the end of the dark.”

“Earth is a good boy.”

“Jupiter doesn’t make any sense.”

“Your hair is like a book.”

“I’m the human that was born in the puzzle of modern physics.”

“If you have a problem, you can talk to me. If you have a bigger problem, talk to the tree.”

“Saturn has rings.”

“Galaxies fade away, all stars merge.”

“Just the right speed, just the right angle!”

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