Face paint

This….is adorable, but friggin’ expensive. And highly smudgeable for the cost. Do you know they want something like $15 to paint your whole face at the zoo? With a full slate of summer festivals, likely zoo trips and a low budget, I decided to come up with a homemade alternative to apply before we hit the crowds. We got a Snazaroo Face Paint Set with an instructional book for $12. the paint looks like it will go a very long way.

Here’s experiment #1:
We called it “Oceanface.” With practice, I hope to get more comfortable with the sponge and paintbrush, and that he gets more flexible about trying things that aren’t in the face paint books.

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4 thoughts on “Face paint”

  1. experiment #1 = success! I have pictures to post of our face painting this weekend (16 for 2 faces) and decided if I could learn the art, I could quit my day job……and the night one too.

  2. We got face paints too! I think you did an awesome job–and yes, I agree about the cost. Outrageous!! However, you solution is elegant and creative. Yay mom!

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