Solar System ejection blues

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Ever since he was the whole universe when he was two, he has gotten progressively smaller and smaller.

He’s been planning to be the dejected, ex-planet Pluto since last Halloween, which gave me plenty of time to try to figure out how to make the costume, in spite of the fact that there’s not a lot of data out there about what Pluto truly looks like just yet.

We went for “dirty ice ball” and made the decision to anthropomorphize the former 9th planet much like this song did, even though, as a scientist, my son is actually quite at peace with Pluto being relegated to Kuiper Belt object. He tried to muster real righteous indignation for the camera, but felt a lot more comfortable with peevishness.

Motherhood has again taken me light years beyond anything I could have imagined. (I’m looking forward to the subatomic years.)

Happy Halloween & Viva Pluto!

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