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Our solar system

“What are you?” They kept asking.
“The sun and all the planets,” he said.
We painted all of the planets on styrofoam balls to hang from his arms, but he was happy enough with having all of the planets painted on his sleeves, along with asteroids and the Milky Way. There’s a black hole on his collar.

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Falling in Yellow Springs

Before gas prices inflated, we used to take regular sojourns over to Yellow Springs, home of Antioch, Dave Chappelle and, as one resident once told me, a population dominated by psychologists and artists. We took the ride over for our first visit in a long while yesterday, ostensibly for an artists’ studio tour. Mostly we just enjoyed the town’s usual spots, made a little more festive by the artistic theme of the weekend.
At sunset, we headed over to Clifton Gorge, and walked along the rim, which Declan inexplicably described as looking “like the North side of Chicago.” A twisted tree trunk on the path.
Obligatory fall leaf shot.

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