10 thoughts on “Midway”

  1. At first I thought that dude was making a horse out of cheese.

    A tree stump is probably harder but for some reason I wanted it to be a horse of cheese.

    I’m just gonna go on believing it’s cheese.


  2. It’s been over 10 years since I went to a state fair. Ours has become such a schlock fest I don’t even bother anymore. But yours looks like ours used to.
    Love the ferris wheel shot!

  3. Thanks all, for stopping by!

    BHJ – Chainsaw-sculpted cheese would be a sight I’m not sure I can imagine. But I am trying.

    Maggie – That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that. Especially paired with deep fried garlic mashed potatoes on a stick!?! They also had deep-fried oreos, ice cream, brownies and, I dunno, probably deep-fried lard, because at that point, they might as well.

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