What we do on a Friday night these days

After swimming in the pool with his dad and Giga until he turned blue, Declan went to sleep earlier than ever (and longer than ever) before. Therefore, I finally got a chance to update the Little Brother’s web site while Dan flipped back and forth between an Indians game and a rerun of The Sound of Music.

Our cultural schizophrenia isn’t limited to musicals vs. sporting events around here. I’ve also been collecting space songs lately, because Declan has to be exposed to every musical genre there is or ever has been before he turns three. I made a cosmic playlist that you can listen to:

Launch it.

Of course, I’m sad that I can’t seem to find “Galaxy” by WAR or Mr. Spaceman by the Byrds, but I’ll keep looking…. Any other suggestions for songs that I’ve missed?

P.S. Hilly Kristal passed away this week. He was the proprietor of New York’s CBGBs – which closed after a dispute with its landlord last year.

If you came here looking for random suggestions about things you can do on a Friday or Saturday night, click here.

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3 thoughts on “What we do on a Friday night these days”

  1. The playlist is great but where is “Stars are the Windows of Heaven”- The lullabye that probably started Declan’s fascination with the stars-

  2. I couldn’t it find it the other day, but I dug it up this morning. It’s on there now – the Ames Brother’s version, which is probably the one Grandma learned it from.

  3. Hey, how about “spaceman” by Harry Nilsson?

    Harry had a song for any topic/occassion.

    Hope all’s well.

    David Sheehan

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