Toddler mysteries

Fruitless searching
Two days ago, while playing on the deck out back Declan was suddenly insistent that we
had to go into the garage:

Declan: We has to go to the car now, mom. We has to!
Me: Why? We aren’t going anywhere this afternoon.
Declan: We need the pineapples in the car! Go! Go! He braces palms against my rear end and starts pushing me toward the garage.
Me: Pineapples? What pineapples? Note: Part of what makes this an odd request is that this is one of the only fruits he won’t eat.
Declan: We has to find them!

I’m curious to find out what “pineapple” might be a code word for. I grab the keys and take him to the car to look.

Me: Can you tell me where these pineapples are? Are they in a book?
Declan: No.
Me: Can you show me where they are?
Declan: No.
Me: Then I don’t know where they are.

Pause, then…

: Mom. I wanna drive.
Me: That would be unusual. Babies aren’t allowed to drive cars in Ohio.
I have to stop this habit of calling him baby. He’s almost two and a half. He stopped introducing himself as “baby” recently.

Declan: Of course babies can’t drive, mom!

This ended the excursion. And for some reason, he will now eat a bite or two of pineapple.

Mews of the weird
Last night, as I did some NoBloPoMo surfing, and he was downstairs with his dad…

Declan: “Mom!?”
Me: “Yes, sweetie?”
Declan: Do you know where Elroy is? We’re looking for him. (Elroy is our cat)
Me: “I’m not sure. Did you look in the bathroom cabinet?”
Declan: “No. We looked in the dishing-washer.”

Life soundtrack: The Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour, “Magical Mystery Tour”: Launch

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3 thoughts on “Toddler mysteries”

  1. this is very cute!

    I also have a Declan – he is 10 weeks old. (also have a Seamus and a Quinlan and a daughter too, but she has a non-Irish name…)


  2. cg – If our cat ever slept in the dishwasher, it would be news to me! And no, still no idea what pineapples he was seeking.

    Karla – thanks for visiting! Congrats on your new Declan. Those are all beautiful names.

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