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Little lumps of linky love

First off, my friend and colleague in storytelling, Peggie, er, Meg, just unveiled her own blog, Prefers Her Fantasy Life. She is not only a terrific writer, she’s extremely funny. Please go check her out and leave some comments. Help her feel the love of the blogosphere!

Meanwhile, I’ve been noodling with a new blog of my own about writing – a companion to my professional web site, which I’ve named Write Armed. If you are inclined to partake in wonky discussions about trends in journalism and the craft of writing, please join me over there (or send anyone that you think would be interested).

Although I signed up for it a while back, I’ve finally been discovering the joys of Twitter this week. If you’re on, you can follow me there.

P.S. Especially for parents: I know some places you can go if you need a good cry.

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