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I’ve seen a lot of concern and frustration about yesterday’s primary in the blogosphere today. But I’m much more optimistic, and glad my state got to participate in the democratic process.

I have more to say, but this week is crazy.

Here is an interview a former colleague of mine did on the BBC last night about who she voted for and why. Zoe’s Dad posted about his voting experience as well.

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Hillary folded the map wrong

This little piece of social satire has me mesmerized:

Hillary is mom jeans

Keep clicking.

I think that it may be one of the most insightful things about our cultural view of Hillary out there. (Particularly the nature of biases against her.)

And here’s the not quite as mesmerizing, but still sort of on-point Obama site:

Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle.

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Medicine mantras

Today, hundreds of people are pulling for Whymommy, a scientist and the mother of two young boys (ages one and three), who has candidly, bravely shared her struggle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer online. Dozens of people have joined Team Whymommy to build a “wall of support” for her over the last seven months, but all good wishes from strangers (or, as she calls them, new friends) are welcome at her blog. She is undergoing a double mastectomy today and her husband will be reading all of the comments and well-wishes that are left online for her as she recovers from the surgery. The hope, after weeks of chemo, is that there will be clear margins around the cancer, so that it may all be removed safely from her body.

Also, a woman who gives an unbelievable amount of time and energy to the Buddhist temple where I have learned so much will be waiting through her mother’s extensive surgery today. The doctors will be trying to find and remove multiple tumors from her abdomen in a procedure that will take several hours. Some members of the sangha will recite the Medicine Buddha mantra, Chenrezig’s compassion mantra or the Tashi Prayer and dedicate the merit to her family.

Whatever your belief system, try and make a little space in your thoughts and hearts for these women and the people that love them.

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I like failure

Failure Magazine, that is. I guess an argument could be made that I also like actual failure, since I’ve worked in the volatile field of print media for the bulk of my career. I’ve been on intimate terms with layoffs and shut-downs far more often than I would have liked.

What I enjoy about the online magazine is that it reminds us how often scientists, artists, political movements, entrepreneurs and others failed before they made major breakthroughs.

One of today’s failures of the day is the reminder that the U.S. House of Representatives turned down a proposal to give women the right to vote on on this date in 1915.

Five years later, the 19th amendment was finally ratified, although it came fourteen years after the death of one of its best-known champions, Susan B. Anthony. Had she lived to see the day that her long life of work on suffrage finally paid off, she would have been 100 years old.

You never know what tenacity and a little faith might yield.

Life soundtrack: Beck, Mellow Gold, “Loser”
Beck - Mellow Gold - Loser

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A political post!

I started paying attention to the presidential debates pretty late in the game, mainly because they started so unbelievably early. But after perking up for the past couple of weeks, I’ve decided that virtually every television pundit is even more full of it now than they were last time we went through this. I’m especially tired of Chris Matthews and Cokie Roberts, who have incredibly myopic, insulting views of the Midwest.

Meanwhile, it is a compelling and historic democratic race. And while I will be one of the first to shed a tear of joy if there is first woman or first African American presidential win, I’m frankly not convinced that Clinton or Obama have the best political agenda for women or African Americans in this country.

I’m more interested in John Edwards, and I’m also bored with the passive-aggressive pundits who keep trying to rule him out. I share several of the opinions of the moms on independent web site The MOMocrats, where the catch-phrase is “Vote for John Edwards or you’re grounded.”

Check them out.

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I’m thankful for family, for goofy dancing and for locally-made Dutch apple pie.

I’m thankful to anyone who reads this blog.

And I’m think I’m thankful that my brother showed me this extremely silly video, but I’m afraid that Declan will now wake up one morning in 2021 with a hot hot hot desire to go to Appalachian State University.

(Caveat: there’ a risk that watching this will make you feel more hostile than thankful towards me. It’s just bad on so many levels.)


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